Just a day after a methamphetamine operation was dismantled in Brewer, another was found today in Northern Maine.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says drug agents found an outside manufacturing operation in Mattawamkeag. Investigators were called to a wooded area behind a cemetery on Hathaway Road, where items were found that are consistent with the manufacturing of methamphetamine and likely had been discarded there. Officers from the Lincoln Police Department found the site, as part of an ongoing investigation.

This is the 51st meth lab in Maine this year, and the seventh in the past two weeks. Since last Tuesday, drug agents have worked on active meth labs inside houses in Brewer, Bangor, and Wells, dump sites in Bangor and Paris, and a South Portland incident where the ingredients to make the drugs were found in a backpack. 51 is an all-time record in Maine. There were 27 incidents in 2014.