What do you get if you're one of the worst teams in NBA history, for Maine native Brett Brown it means a 2-year contract extension from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Sure the team is off to a 1-22 start to the season. Sure other team owners made the league step in and force the team to hire Jerry Colangelo as a co-general manager. Sure they have been one of the worst teams in the history of the NBA over the last 3 years and despite tanking seasons failed to get the number one pick.

What is also a fact is most people believe that Brett Brown has done the best he could with the talent he has. That has resulted in the 2-year extension that takes him through the 2018-19 season. In a press release issued by the team, General Manager Sam Hinkie said "Brett has been everything we anticipated -- and more -- both as a basketball coach and a partner in building this program. His tireless work ethic, his daily desire to consistently improve, and his resiliency line up with our core values as an organization. It was not difficult to come to the decision to formally say we want to work with Brett Brown even longer."

Brown's current contract was due to expire after next season.