Eight high school baseball teams remain standing. Eight high school softball teams remain standing. It's state championship day around Maine.

Teams have played 16 regular season games plus playoff games. They have battled all kinds of springtime weather along with alot of good competition. Now it's the best of the east against the best of the west.


Sportsradio 92.9TheTicket will be at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor for the Class C championship baseball game featuring Stearns HS and Dirigo HS. First pitch time is 2PM. You can also listen online at 929theicket.com and on your mobile device with our free app from Radio Pup.

The Saturday State Title schedule looks like this....

Softball Class A:  Noon at Cony HS

Softball Class C:  Noon at Brewer HS

Baseball Class A:  2PM at Morton Field/Augusta

Baseball Class C:  2PM at Mansfield Stadium/Bangor

Class B and D baseball and softball games are played at St.Joseph's College/Standish