Minot's Andew Slattery is defending Maine State Amateur Golf champion. Bangor's Drew Powell finished in third place a year ago. They are two of 132 of the state's best amateur golfers who will tee it up at historic Waterville Country next week for the 96th Maine Amateur.

The stroke play tournament is Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.

Among the players in the field, 13-time winner Mark Plummer, 3-time winner Ricky Jones and 2-time winner Ron Brown.

Some interesting facts and figures on the 2015 Maine Amateur...

- The average age of this year's player is 33-years-old.

- There are three sets of fathers and sons in the field. (Jim and Mike Caron/Gorham), (Jim and Reese McFarlane/Cape Elizabeth) and (Mike and Grayson Waterman/Berwick).

- There are three sets of brothers. (Drew and Rye Powell/Bangor), (Eric and Gavin Dugas) and (Gregg and Sean Goggin).

- 296 players signed up to play in this year's event. Only 132 get in the tourney.

- It is the 10th time in the 96 year history that the state championship has been played at Waterville CC. The last time was 2007 when Eric Higgins won the title.

Check out the first two rounds of start times...

Rnd 1 Rnd 2
Time Time  
7:00 10:40 Andrew Slattery
Keith Patterson II
Lowell Watson
7:10 10:50 AJ Simokaitis
Kevin Byrne
Matt Greenleaf
7:20 11:00 Joe Alvarez
Joe Baker
Sam Grindle
7:30 11:10 Greg Martin
Scott Sirois
Will Kannegieser
7:40 11:20 Jack Wyman
Jeff Cole
Mark Plummer
7:50 11:30 Aidan Boyce
John Hayes IV
Porter Gervais
8:00 11:40 D. J. Honan
Michael Bouchard
Patrick Bucklin
8:10 11:50 Reese McFarlane
Rocco Spizuoco
Ron Brown
8:20 12:00 Drew Powell
Gavin Dugas
Sean Goggin
8:30 12:10 Chris Cloutier
Preston Anderson
Roger Williams
8:40 12:20 Cash Wiseman
Dustin Freeman
Michael McNaboe
8:50 12:30 Ben Estabrook
Paul Wiggin
Tobey Buteau
9:00 12:40 Gary Manoogian
Mike Brennan
Phil Barter
9:10 12:50 Aaron Clark
Henry Fall
Vance Gray Jr
9:20 1:00 Andrew Glasheen
Chris Nappi
Nathan Roop
9:30 1:10 Bradford Smith
Samuel Leblanc
Timothy Doyle Jr
9:40 1:20 Andy York
Jim Caron
Sean Bergeron
9:50 1:30 Austin Legge
Daniel Bouttenot
Joe Ernst
10:00 1:40 Mike Caron
Neil Lyons
Travis Ferrante
10:10 1:50 Christopher Burns
Jim McFarlane
Thomas Murray
10:20 2:00 Brent Barker
Caleb Manuel
Chad Allen
10:30 2:10 Gregg Goggin
Jacob Condon
Joe Messerman
10:40 7:00 Brian Bilodeau
Joe Walp
Lance Bernier
10:50 7:10 Brian Angis
Jason Gall
Ricky Jones
11:00 7:20 Len Cole
Mike Doran
Ryan Wingard
11:10 7:30 Craig Chapman
Curtis Jordan
Thomas Bean
11:20 7:40 Ashley Fifield
Malcolm Oliver
Peter Wright
11:30 7:50 Dan Bellemare
Judd Parsons
Tom Ellsworth
11:40 8:00 Jordan Jones
Luke Ruffing
Scott Stone
11:50 8:10 Bob Langlois
Drew Kane
Scott Weymouth
12:00 8:20 Daulton Wickenden
Mike O'Brien
Thomas Spagnola
12:10 8:30 Craig Smith
James Frost Jr
Rye Powell
12:20 8:40 Casey Catell
Jason Macdonald
John Hadwen IV
12:30 8:50 Alfie Michaud
Greg Kalagias
Nate McCue
12:40 9:00 Daniel Falcone
Erik Larrabee
Jeff Holmes
12:50 9:10 Christopher Billings
Mark Barthelemy
Zack DeBlois
1:00 9:20 Brandon Wohl
Grayson Waterman
Mark Henderson
1:10 9:30 Jim McKay
Kyle Alexander
Pat Otto
1:20 9:40 Alexander Viola
Eric Dugas
Mike Pion
1:30 9:50 Mike Waterman
Truman Libby
Tyler O'Connor
1:40 10:00 Brett Braasch
Ryan Collins
Timothy Smart
1:50 10:10 Brent Profenno
Denver Jalette
Matthew Ouellette
2:00 10:20 Benjamin Chaine
Tom Kus
Tomas Fortson
2:10 10:30 Chris Taylor
Erik Fitch
Scott Nevers