Last night's rain and wind storm has made this morning's commute potentially dangerous in some areas.

Emera Maine and Central Maine Power are both reporting thousands of customers still without power this morning, as the high winds last night wreaked havoc. Branches and, in some cases, whole trees have fallen across power lines and even across roads, like in these pictures from Johnson Mill Road in Orrington.

Crews from both companies have been out all night and will continue to work on restoring power. If you haven't reported your outage, it's advised that you do it as soon as possible. Don't rely on the fact that your neighbors may have already called the utility company. And remember, it's never safe to touch a power line. Ever. Call the utility company and let them deal with it. And, if there's potential for injury, let the police know as well.

As you drive in this morning, take it slow and avoid distractions. Watch for debris, downed trees, or even road blocks. Fog is making things just a little more fun, so take it easy, give yourself some extra time to get to your destination, and be safe!