We talk with tribal leaders about the restoration of the Penobscot River and a retired Maine game warden about her adventures in the woods.

Part 1: The breaching of the Veazie Dam on July 22 meant a lot of things to a lot of people, particularly members of the Penobscot Indian Nation. Tribal leaders explain the significance of the river's restoration.

Part 2: Butch Phillips of the Penobscot Indian Nation conducts a smudging ceremony to bless the Penobscot River restoration project.

Part 3: Penobscot Indian Nation Chief Kirk Francis talks about how tourism on tribal lands can help build a sustainable economy.

Part 4: Switching gears, retired Maine game warden Deb Palman had a dog named Anna. She wasn't courageous, but she had a knack for getting Deb into trouble.

Part 5: When Anna brings an angry mother bear back to Deb, what does she do?