Good fish? Bad fish? It's "angler management" on this Memorial Day weekend edition of Bob Duchesne's Wild Maine.

Part 1: Before we get to the fish, Bob talks to Emily McCabe of Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildflife about upcoming survival classes designed for women.

Part 2: Pushaw Lake is a local example of an illegally stocked lake or pond, and you won't believe how many Northern pike state wildlife officials pulled from the lake last year!

Part 3: Gary Corson made his living guiding brook trout fishing. Illegally stocking fish is hit Corson directly in the wallet.

Part 4: Jeff Reardon of Trout Unlimited says trout are highly sensitive, and illegally stocked fish are a dire threat to their population.

Part 5: Maine Audubon is conducting a survey of native brook trout in Maine. Maine Audubon's Ted Koffman talks about the organization's ongoing pond survey and its role in indentifying and protecting remote Maine ponds.