Baxter State Park is like no other place. Those who know the park the best talk to us about its origins, its challenges and what to expect when you arrive.

Part 1: Before we head to Baxter, Bangor's Beer Festival, "Tap Into Summer," starts today on the Bangor waterfront. We talk to Carrie Tripp of the Bangor Convention and Visitor's Bureau about the delicious details.

Part 2: Baxter State Park is not like any other park in Maine. Janet Mills, Maine's attorney general, is part of the park's governing body. She talks with us about the park's history and its carefully designed independence from state politics.

Part 3: If you're going to Baxter, sooner or later you're going to end up at North Woods Trading Post. We talk to Tom and Sandy Bell about what hikers and campers need to enjoy the park.

Part 4: Big Moose Inn is the last outpost before you get into Baxter State Park. Inkeeper Lori Cormier talks about what it takes to run a business in rural Maine.

Part 5: Matt Polstein of the New England Outdoors Center knows whitewater rafting on the Penobscot River. He talks about the roughest waters around the park and the "fist of God."