We're going to put some miles on this morning. We're going Downeast to the best camping park in the state, to the Bold Coast trails in Cutler and to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray.

Part 1: Bob travels Downeast to Cobscook Bay State Park, perhaps the best camping park in the state of Maine. The park's Tom Harmon can't disagree with that, and explains why.

Part 2: The Bold Coast trails in Cutler are some of the best hiking trails around, and guess what? Threre's a toilet at the trail head! Good news for hikers in this remote spot in Washington County!

Part 3: Now, we're heading south to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. The park's superintendent, Curt Johnson, talks about what the park has to offer to its many visitors.

Part 4:  The energetic fisher (along with the moose of course) is one of the most popular animals at the park. There are also lots of oppossum, woodchuck and even an albino raccoon. They all like to see Johnson cruise by in his golf cart.

Part 5: Now Bob's in Augusta, whre he talks with Lisa Kane of the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife about how the Maine Wildlife Park came about. It's changed a lot over the years and now offers about 30 different programs for schools.

Paula Bronstein, Getty Images

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