Do you beleive in ghosts? Halloween is approaching, and as far as spooky cities go, it's tough to top Bangor. The Ghostly Bangor Tour is going on throughout the month of October. Let us introduce you to some of the city's spookiest residents.

Part 1: Carrie Tripp of the Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau lets us in on the Ghostly Bangor Tour that gives us a glimpse into the city's haunted past. We'll even introduce you to Matilda, who reporteldy haunts the Bangor Museum's Thomas A. Hill House.

Part 2:  The Ghostly Bangor Tour starts at the Bangor Museum. That's because several ghosts (and a ghost cat) live there. Jennifer Pictou, the museum's director, has seen more than one spirit including Matilda, the wife of former Bangor Mayor Samuel Dale.

Part 3: There are ghosts and there are ghosts. Some rustle paper. Some you can see. Some even blow cigarette smoke in your face. During the Victorian era, people even tried to bring ghosts in to the Hill House. Looks like it worked.

Part 4: Enough with the ghosts for now. Let's talk land. Roxanne Quimby's Elliotsville Plnatation Inc., is opening up 40,000 acres to hunting. Mark and Susan Adams are the recreation managers of that land, and tell us what to expect.

Part 5: Now let's talk about Bob. He needs to settle a grudge.