Think you'd love to be a game warden? 

Part 1: Deborah Palman, Maine's first female game warden, talks about the history of the Maine Warden Service and the changes she's seen in the service over the last three decades.

Part 2: Search and rescue has seen considerable changes since Palman joined the Maine Warden Service in the 1970s. Now retired, she has some great stories about some high profile searches in Maine history.

Part 3: Palman was instrumental in involving dogs in search and rescue missions. She explains how it changed how wardens find missing people.

Part 4: When an older man with health problems got lost in Princeton long ago in the pouring rain, Maine wardens had to act quickly. Listen to see how the search ends.

Part 5: Volunteers are a tremendous recource for the Maine Warden Service. Palman talks about how expensive search and resuce operations can be.