Paddling is the subject of the day on Bob Duchesne's Wild Maine this week, but as is the case with most every show, there's lots more to talk about. In this week's show, Bob catches up with Jeff Strout, who knows his way around a kayak and the best places to paddle.

Part 1: Carroll Ware runs Fins and Furs Adventures with his wife, Lila. Listen as he tells Bob about some of the best (and worst) sportsmen he's guided and the biggest (and smallest) animals that have charged at him.

Part 2: Bob confesses the dumbest thing he's done in a kayak, and talks with Karen Francoeur about Paddle Smart.

Part 3: Karen Francoeur runs Castine Kayak Adventures. She capsized many times (on purpose, of course) and knows just about everything there is to know about paddling. Bob gets some tips.

Part 4: What's the one thing people most often do wrong in a kayak? Here's the answer:

Part 5: Jeff Strout retired from the Bangor Daily News in 2011. He always knows the best places to paddle, and he'll share some of those with us. He'll also tell you the best way to make coffee on your trip.