This week's Wild Maine has a lot of ups and downs. First, up the tallest mountain in Maine and then downhill fast at the newly reopened Squaw Mountain in Greenville. Plus, we'll even throw in some ice cutting at Grand Lake Stream.

Part 1: Weather permitting, there is a group of people climbing Katahdin right now! Lisa Carter of Maine Bound talks about the challenges of ascending Maine's tallest peak in the middle of winter. It's not easy, but it's not crazy either, Lisa tells us.

Part 2: The Plum Creek Wilderness Sled Dog Race is coming up next weekend in Greenville. Beth Young talks about the precautions the race takes to make sure the dogs and the sledders are as safe as possible.

Part 3: Big Squaw Mountain was once a downhill icon. Little by little, a group of dedicated volunteers is bringing it back to life. Amy Lane of Friends of Squaw Mountain tells us about how her group was able to open the lower elevations this winter.

Part 4: Lily Bay State Park in the Greenville area is more open than usual this winter. Now, you can drive right down to the plowed parking lot instead of hiking int from the gate! Don't forget to pay the iron ranger!

Part 5: Tanya Rucosky of the Downeast Lakes Land Trust tells us about an ice-cutting demonstration at Grand Lake Stream next weekend, weather permitting. Plus, there's lots of other stuff going on this winter and spring.

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