It's our 50th episode, and we've been outdoors a lot! Our time outside has included a few close encounters with ill-tempered critters. Here are a few, PLUS the Ricky Craven Togue Ice Fishing Derby on Moosehead Lake.Part 1: Before we start the chase, let's head to Moosehead Lake, where the Ricky Craven Togue Ice Fishing Derby will run from Jan. 24-26. Fisheries biologist Tim Obrey gives us the details. Here's one: First place gets $1,500.

Part 2: Dan Pelletier is a Maine guide who's very adept with a dog sled. That is, until he comes upon a moose one night while on the trail. He learned a valuable lesson, though: Don't throw snowballs at an angry moose.

Part 3: Deborah Palman's dog, Anna, got her into all sorts of trouble. Palman, a retired Maine Warden, talks about the time she and her trusty German shepherd ran into one angry mother black bear.

Part 4: How do you get away from an angry mother bear? Listen and find out!

Part 5: What do you do when you unintentionally get between a mother moose and her calf? It's a good thing moose don't have good eyesight. PLUS Maine guide Carroll Ware of Skowhegan has been charged by just about every animal in the Maine woods.