We're going to visit the Maine Huts & Trails System on this edition of Bob Duchesne's Wild Maine. See what happens when Bob stays over at the Flagstaff Lake hut. It's going ot be a strange show.

Part 1: We start at the Flagstaff Lake trail head. Cayce Frigon, marketing director of Maine Huts & Trails, lets us know about the organization and its ambitous plans.

Part 2: There's no snowmobiles, ATVs or the like on the trail system. But there is beer and wine, we found out. Plus, there is a state-of-the-art outhouse!

Part 3: There are four huts (actually, they're more like lodges) along the trail. Keeping them warm in the winter is no easy task.

Part 4: We welcome Alan Burnell and Kenny Wing, co-authors of the "Lost Villages of Flagstaff Lake." That town is now underwater. Here's the story.

Part 5: The flooding of Flagstaff Lake was a daunting task. Learn why the town was flooded and what happened to all its residents.