What's the difference between a windjammer and a schooner? Bob doesn't know, but he knows who to ask in preparation for the Maine Windjammer Association's Great Schooner Race!

Part 1: While the schooner race is July 5, the 5th Annual Bike and Boat in Greenville starts on June 30. Chris Cox lets us know about all the fun stuff happening on Sunday.

Part 2: Meg Maiden of the Maine Windjammer Association fills us in on next weekend's Great Schooner Race. Americas two oldest commerical sailing vessels will be there. She explains why you should, too!

Part 3: Most Mainers have watched windjammers off the coast, but few have watched the shore from the deck of a windjammer. But they could! Capt. Ray Williamson runs Maine Windjammer Cruises. He talks to Bob about the histories of his tall ships.

Part 4: Annie Mahle of the J.&E. Riggin explains what makes a windjammer a windjammer, and a schooner a schooner. Do you know the difference?

Part 5: Capt. Rick Miles is taking the Wanderbird north, way north. Before he does, he talks with Bob about his North Sea trawler and the adventures she's been on during her long history.