Did you know Maine has lots of different kinds of bats? Do you know what they all have in common? They're dying. Plus, later in the show Paul Haertel tells us about Maine Woods Forever.

Part 1: The most abundant mammal in Maine is dying so fast, they may be gone in the very near future. In Bangor, we learn about why Maine's bats are having such a tough time.

Part 2: Maine Audubon wildlife biologist Susan Gallo tells us more about Maine's most common bats, the little brown and big brown. They're the ones that get in your house, and guess what they don't need a very big hole to get in!

Part 3: Bats eat mosquitos. Guess how much they can eat in just one night?

Part 4: Wind turbines are not helping out Maine's bat population.

Part 5: Former Acadia National Park Superintendent Paul Haertel tells us about Maine Woods Forever, an exploration of what Maine's" forests and woodlands do each day to sustain and inspire us."