"Moose Mania" begins in Greenville today, and Bob is serving up a heaping helping of moose on today's Wild Maine!

Part 1: If there is the opposite of a moose magnet, it's Carrie Tripp, the executive director of Greater Bangor Convention Center and Visitors Bureau. Very rarely does she see a moose, but there are plenty around the Maine Highlands and they're important for many reasons. Tripp talks about the impact the majestic animal has on the state's economy.

Part 2: "Moose Mania," a month-long festival in the Greenville area, is a state of mind. This year, Greenville is hosting the moose lottery and there are many events planned as part of the celebration.

Part 3: Bob talks with Roger Currier of Currier's Flying Service in Greenville about spotting moose from the air, and why it's harder than it used to be.

Part 4: Currier explains how his float planes coexist with the many, many boats on Moosehead Lake in the summertime.

Part 5: If you want to see a moose, Kokadjo is a good place to start. Barb Plummer knows  where to look ...