Wild Maine is one year old! On this weekend's show, well get you up to speed on the 24th Annual National Toboggan Championships in Camden next weekend. You can get a sense of what you're in for by watching the video above. Plus we take a look at Maine's seal population.

Part 1: The National Toboggan Championships take place Feb. 7-9 at the Camden Snow Bowl. If you've ever been, you know it's a wild time! If you haven't been, take our word for it. Holly Edwards tells us all about it!

Part 2: For three days and three nights, it's one big party in Camden, but who still makes toboggans? We'll find out. Plus, what does it take to win?

Part 3: Holly Edwards tells us more about the Camden race, including why they run a four-man race? Spoiler: There's safety in numbers. While the three-man race is full, there are still some spots in the four-man race.

Part 4: Now from toboggans to sex. Gray seals are having babies as we speak off the coast of Maine. Stephanie Wood is a federal biologist studying the seal population, something you can monitor yourself on the live web cam from Seal Island.

Part 5: What do you do if you find a stranded seal? Linda Doughty of Marine Mammals of Maine tells us.