Bob is on a boat today where he visits puffin colonies along Maine's coast. Every Mainer knows about them, but not many have seen them. Only five islands off the Maine coast have puffins, and we will take you to three!

Part 1: Puffins are big business along the Maine coast. First, we go to Petit Manan, for an up-close look at the birds as well as some of their close (but less famous) relatives.

Part 2: It's off to Stonington, where we visit Captain Bill at Old Quarry Ocean Adventures. Kayaking and sailing are his specialties, but Bill also captains a five-hour puffin tour to Seal Island, oen of the largest island colonies.

Part 3: There's one spot in Stonington that captures the essence of Maine from one easy chair. We'll take you there!

Part 4: Puffins aren't all that rare, although Mainers tend to think they are. There's a reason we love our puffins, which nearly disappeared from the Maine coast at one time in history.  And we'll hear about the oldest puffin known to man.

Part 5: We're in Lubec now with Heather Henry, the owner of the Eastland Motel. The puffin boat in Cutler is about 20 minutes away, but there's lots more, Bob discovers.

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