Whey do we have so many turkeys, when we didn't have any? Do you have everything you need for turkey season? Bob finds the answers to all your questions.

Part 1: Kelsey Sullivan, the state's game bird biologist, explains why the turkey population has exploded in the last few years. He also offers turkey hunters some important safety advice.

Part 2: Today is the beginning of spring turkey hunting season. Listen to what it takes to bag a wild turkey. They're a lot smarter than they look.

Part 3: Robb Cotiaux of the National Wild Turkey Federation explains why turkeys are like boys in the school yard, and why they seem to disappear during hunting season.

Part 4: Ticks are spreading in Maine and they're spreading Lyme disease. Dr. Beatrice Szantyr is spreading the word about how to avoid them and why there are so many more ticks in the state.

Part 5: Dr. Szantyr is high on prevention when it comes to Lyme Disease. Two of the important things you can do: Do a tick check after you've been playing outside. Tuck your pants into your socks. Here are some other important tips: