This week, we're spending the show with Bill Mackowski, who makes traditional pack baskets at his shop in Milford.

Part 1: Bill Mackowski is an expert beaver trapper. He also makes traditional pack baskets, but if you'd like one, you'd better get in line. If you haven't met Bill yet, here's your chance.

Part 2: Remember Dawn Til Done Farm on Old Town? If you're from the area, you probably do. That was Bill's farm until he sold it long ago. Now he spends a lot of his time trapping beavers and making baskets. Here's what he's been up to.

Part 3: Pack baskets, creels and snowshoes are among the things Mackowski makes, but keeping up the tradition is a challenge for several reasons, chief among them being the emerald ash borer.

Part 4: Brown ash is the material of choice for Mackowski and many other traditional basket makers. Here's why.

Part 5: In the workshop, there are a lot of stories. Let's here some.