This week, we're at a remote trout pond in T3-R8, checking in with the folks at Maine Audubon. They do birds, though, right? Well, they do fish, too.

Part 1: Before we get to the fish, let's talk about birds for a minute as Maine Audubon holds its Maine Pelagic Bird Trip on Sept. 14, in which participants head out on the Friendship V in search of ocean birds.

Part 2:  What happens when Maine Audubon teams up with Trout Unlimited? Emily Bastian of Maine Audubon tells us about the Brook Trout Pond Survey Project. How does Maine's wild brook trout population comapre with those elsewhere in the country? You're going to be surprised.

Part 3: We've been all over the state, but never here. We're at a remote pond east of Baxter State Park looking for wild brook trout with the folks from the Maine Department of Indland Fisheries and Wildlife and Jeff Rearon of Trout Unlimited.

Part 4: Biologist Mary Gallagher of MDIF&W talks about the need for volunteers to fish for brook trout in remote ponds.

Part 5: Will identifying previoulsy little-known ponds with brook trout populations threaten the population? Jeff Reardon of Trout Unlimited answers our question.