When you have a lot of cows, you have a lot of cow poop. Wild Maine is in Exeter this week at the second-largest dairy farm in Maine where we'll turn that poop into power.

Part 1: Put on your muck boots and come to Stonyvale Farm in Exeter, where we meet Sarah Wintle, who talks about the operation and its more than 1,500 cows! And yes, they all have names.

Part 2: Cows to the left! Cows to the right! Now it's time to make their poop into electricity.

Part 3: How do you compost without polluting nearly streams? You have to be very careful, and the folks at Stonyvale Farm are when it comes to the stream that runs through their farm.

Part 4: The future is now at Stonyvale, where we get into the details of how they make manure and other organic waste into power for their 1-megawatt generator. And, there's plans to expand their renewable energy operation.

Part 5: How can you help reduce waste? Compost! There's other ways, too. Take a listen!