This week's Wild Maine is at sea. We're watching whales, plus, we answer the age-old question: Where does Downeast begin?

Part 1: Bob motors out into the Old Sow, the largest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere (and the second largest in the world), located Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada and Moose Island, Eastport, Maine.

Part 2: We meet a Minke whale named Gonzo near the Old Sow. Gonzo is one of the three Minke whales who keep coming back to the area each year. Let us introduce you.

Part 3: We're on the Elizabeth Rose to see some bigger whales (and maybe a basking shark) off the coast of Milbridge.

Part 4: How do you recognize different whales? Captain Jim Parker lets us know.

Part 5: Where does Downeast begin? Here's your answer.