You drive over them every day, but how do culverts affect trout fisheries? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Part 1: Barbara Charry of the Maine Audubon Society is at the forefront of Stream Smart, a program that looks to preserve the habitat of Maine's brook trout population. The outdated culverts under many Maine roads plus the increase of severe storms is making that a challenge.

Part 2: Getting water from one side of the road to another isn't as easy as it might seem, especially when Maine's brook trout population is concerned.

Part 3: Pat Sirois of the Maine Forest Products Council explains the mission of Fisheries Improvement Network, a collection of landowners and scientists dedicated to upgrading stream crossings for Maine's brook trout population.

Part 4: As Maine's forests and weather patters change over the decades, the state's landowners have to adapt, too. Here's how.

Part 5: Everyone looks at streams differently. How do we accomodate transportation over streams and the fish that live in them? The Fisheries Improvement Network is bringing those interests together.