This week on Wild Maine, we take a trip to a winter skills weekend specially designed for women and talk with Maine guide Bob Parker about the upcoming bobcat hunting season.

Part 1: Ice fishing is fun for the whole family, but guys, we have to let the ladies use the ice auger sometimes. Emily McCabe o fthe Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife tells us about "Becoming an Outdoors Woman," a program set for February 21-23 that teaches women all they need to know about the outdoors.

Part 2: An introduction to ice fishing is one of the topics of this February's Winter Skills Weekend. Yes, that includes using the power auger.

Part 3: Want to know what to bring to the Winter Skills Weekend? Emily fills you in, and here's how to register.

Part 4: Until Feb. 14, this is bobcat season. Maine guide Bob Parker tells us about the best way to bag a bobcat. Hint: You're going to have to get up pretty early.

Part 5: What's the difference between a Maine bobcat and a bobcat from the South? For one, it's harder to find one in Maine, but once you do, you won't forget it.