The wait is finally over and it's not good news for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as the NFL has handed down a decision on the appeal of his 4-game "Defaltegate" suspension.

Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement that says the suspension will be upheld with no reduction. This means Brady will miss the first four games of the season as they prepare to defend their Super Bowl championship.

The decision came down as part of a 20-page release from the NFL. The release reveals that in the days after Brady was asked and refused to turn over information on his cell phone to investigator Ted Wells, Brady had his assistant destroy the phone. Goodell said that information was not known until months later and that the 4-month-old cell phone had received nearly 10,000 text messages while it was used by Brady.

Brady will miss games against Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Jacksonville and Dallas. His first game back will be against the Colts in a re-match of the AFC Championship game.

The ball is now in Brady's court and court is exactly where he is headed after telling the union to bring his case to federal court.

Click on the link below to see the full statement from Commissioner Goodell.