Police officers, at least in Maine, do an excellent job. I have the utmost respect for the police, as they do a job many of us would never want to do. They serve, they protect, they uphold the law, and in doing so, often see people and places that we would never want to see. In doing their jobs, they often come across people at less than their best.

That's why today's post by a Brewer Police Officer is so discouraging and depressing. I'm not sure if the person who drove by the officer's house had some liquid courage, or what. I'm purposely not identifying the officer, although he said in his post that it was ok to share what he wrote. Read his post, and if you're like me, the next time you see a police officer, you'll want to thank him or her for doing their job

I'm am writing this message in the hopes that someone very specific receives it: to the group of young men, specially the one leaning out the window as you drive by my home at 50 mph choosing to yell insults and taunts and expletives at me, presumably because of my chosen occupation. First of all I respect your freedom of speech and of opinion, however that right does not provide you free reign to be disorderly or harassing, respect the sanctity of my home and my family. Second of all I can only assume that you have had negative run ins with the police, negative because of your poor choices for which you lack the integrity to accept ownership. Thirdly, despite your poor outlook toward me, or police, we all are sworn to protect and serve your freedoms and right to peaceful enjoyment and would even put our lives on the line to protect you, I doubt you have the character or commitment to do that for others especially strangers. Lastly, if you feel so strongly about sending me a message, don't do it speeding by, stop by and let's have a chat, I will listen to you and provide you with an appropriate response. You want to blame someone for being a punk, look in the mirror. It's time for a gut check young man, face your insecurities and fears. Open invite to you and your band of fools. Yes, I'm slightly annoyed, not mad, but annoyed. Realize it comes with the territory, but my family and my home are sacred. The next time you pull this, you may just entice me to take a drive and initiate a conversation with you. I will do my job with honor and service, we all will. I will protect you and those you love, we all will, even if we don't like you personally. Have some respect, for yourself, your family, others, me, and police in general. Time to grow up and act like a decent human being. Enjoy your 4th, your freedoms, respect the freedoms of others, respect my family's right to peaceful enjoyment of our home.