The first half of the season is in the books. The all star game broke the AL way and so if the Sox are in the world series the first two games are at Fenway...but can they get that far?

Here are some numbers as Boston prepares for the Yankees coming to town Friday night to begin the second half....



58        Sox wins. Most in the majors. Just 11 fewer than all of last year.

.598     The Sox winning percentage. Keep up the pace and it's a 97-wins season.

42        The number of players used in the first half of the season.

#1        Sox lead the majors in runs, hits, doubles, RBI, walks and on-base percentage.

.277     The team batting average. Only the Tigers have a higher average.

87        The number of days in first place.

***A reminder in can hear the Red Sox take on the NY Yankees Saturday afternoon at 4PM and Sunday night at 8PM live on Sportsradio 92.9TheTicket.