Boston Red Sox

Kimbrel Returns To Sox Camp [VIDEO]
Boston Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel has been in a lot of tough situations during and baseball game but he readily admits nothing has been tougher than dealing with his infant daughter's heart surgery.
Martinez Deal Is Done [VIDEO]
Shortly after 9am this morning down in Fort Myers, Florida, JD Martinez was finally wearing a Red Sox hat and jersey. The four month free agent dance between the Red Sox and Martinez/agent Scott Boras ended.
Sox, JD Martinez Agree To Deal [VIDEO]
At long last the Boston Red Sox get their guy - JD Martinez. All winter talks went back and forth and ESPN's Pedro Gomez reports the agreement is for five years and $110 million dollars.
MLB Arbitrator Rules For Mookie
Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts got himself a big raise today. A three person panel ruled in favor of Betts and against the team in his salary arbitration case.

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