The Lo Down: Hello, Baseball
By my counting, there are approximately 12 “day off” holidays in a year. That’s about one per month, so I feel like I’m allowed 3 or 4 articles a year of complete mush.
The Lo Down: A Tale of Two Championship Cities
Here we are five days before Opening Day. Spring training battles have played out, rosters finalized and before the ceremonious start I thought I might revisit a concept that came to the surface when I wrote my spring training and Red Sox previews.
The Lo Down: Red Sox Spring Preview
Spring Training hit its stride this past weekend and while last week’s column focused on recapping what had happened over the winter; this week looks towards the future. Red Sox fans here are a few storylines to keep an eye on as we lead up to Opening Day.
UnMuzzled: Michael Sam, The Next Level
I tried addressing the subject a couple weeks ago, but I don’t believe I gave it its due diligence. It’s been a few weeks now since Michael Sam, former Missouri Tiger defense lineman and NFL hopeful, announced that he is gay.
The Lo Down: Baseball Spring Preview
Months have passed since the transactions of the early winter, and much can be forgotten during the lull post holidays up until spring training. With exhibitions about to begin I thought I would spend my first baseball write-up recapping story lines across the league.
UnMuzzled: No Move a Mistake for Celts?
The NBA trade deadline came and went and per usual basketball fans waited all day for a major trade that never happened. We saw a tiny cluster of small level players who will soon be relocating, but most moves were salary dumps or minor tweaks.
The Lo Down: NBA Mid-Season Review
The NBA all-star break has passed, the NFL is in hibernation and the Boys of Summer haven’t even started playing their spring exhibitions…so it’s time to turn our attention to basketball.*

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