The Lo Down

The Lo Down: So What Now, Celtics?
You’ve had over two weeks to digest the NBA draft results and Celtics fans are probably asking themselves “where’s the Love?” … “did we make a Smart decision” …or maybe the Celtics just wanted a “Young roster” … okay enough puns and more Celtics speculation. We were promised “fireworks” by co-owner …
The Lo Down: How We Trade for Kevin Love
“With the 6th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves…”
Okay, so that’s not how the NBA draft works; but if this trade happens that’s what every Celtics fan will remember from t…
The Lo Down: June the Greatest Month in Sports
It was a beautiful weekend, and not only did it seem like warmer temperatures finally joined us for good here in Maine; but we turned the page on our calendars welcoming June … the greatest month in sports.
The Lo Down: 20 Facts (Week 49)
1. Kevin Durant received the MVP award last Tuesday.
Kevin Durant probably just gave one of the best MVP acceptance speeches I have ever seen. This is why people root for this guy; as if the NBA playoffs needed another good story to root for; this is an amazing post season rich with subplots: The Cli…
The Lo Down: How to Make Donald Pay?
Donald Sterling is a racist.
There, it’s said. So no matter where this article goes from here on out, nothing I write will change that statement or my opinion. Exhausted from all the Donald Sterling/LA Clippers coverage? Well don’t worry here’s an entir…
The Lo Down: Run Wicked Hard Salane!
I’m writing my weekly article a little earlier this week, in fact it’s Sunday evening, and it’s the eve of the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.
This is a special race for so many reasons, but there is one local story you should know, win or lose; if you are a New Englander, root for the Red Sox,…

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