Fantasy Baseball 2013: 10 Best Picks at First Base
There isn’t a position in fantasy baseball with more depth than first base. Last season, there were 16 first baseman who hit at least 20 homers and 15 who drove in over 80 runs. That type of production is littered throughout every draft.
Fantasy Baseball Rookies: 10 Best Picks for 2013
Ah, the fantasy baseball rookie -- his siren song is a sweet one that many listen to. Baseball rookies hold so much promise, like a gift under the Christmas tree, next to several ones you already unwrapped. “This gift,” you think, “still has a chance to be better th…
Fantasy Baseball 2013: 10 Best Shortstops
Things are interesting at the shortstop position this season. While many experts view it as shallow because of how the position performed as a whole last year, using hindsight isn’t always helpful. When I look at this list, I see a group of guys that are capable of matching or exceed…