Chip Shots

Chip Shots: Exercise Tips for Optimal Golf
In my search for all things useful as it relates to helping folks enjoy the wonderful game of golf, I thought having a professional trainer on the show, especially one who has actually worked with a golf pro, would be beneficial.
Chip Shots: And The Results Are In . . .
After much anticipation, I arrived at Pine Hill Golf Course on May 3 to participate in the ReMax Long Drive Local Qualifier. Jason Brooks and his wife, Katie, owners of the course, greeted me as I entered the clubhouse. Since my first goal was to not get hurt, I decided to warm up by hitting a bucke…
Chip Shots: Tee it High and Let it Fly
As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, “Driving for Show,” this Saturday, May 3, Pine Hill Golf Course is hosting a qualifier for the ReMax Long Drive Championship. The competition is open to all as there are different categories for men and women and different age…
Chip Shots: Don’t Let the Rain Reign
I know, I know. The longest winter has turned into the wettest spring, and it all adds up to golf lovers and course owners feeling, well, depressed. I’m here to tell you to have hope, for better weather has to be coming, and soon.
Chip Shots: Driving for Show
When Jason Brooks, owner of Pine Hill Golf Course, casually mentioned to me that his course was hosting a qualifier for the ReMax Long Drive Championship, I was immediately hooked on the idea of competing.