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State Police Advise Motorists to Slow Down
A combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain is falling across the state today and, as happens every year, some drivers are not handling it well. So the State Police have taken to social media to ask Mainers to use their common sense.
Growing up in Maine, I've seen it year after year...
Updates on Fatal Fire and Bodies Found in Car
Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland has updated two cases of bodies found early Friday morning. In one case, a man was found inside a burning mobile home and, in the other, two people were found in a car outside Augusta.
Suspected Meth Lab in Washington County
Drug agents are investigating a suspected meth lab in the town of Wesley.
WABI-TV reports that the suspected operation was located sometime Wednesday by a Sheriff's Deputy at a home on Route 9, while on an unrelated investigation. Drug agents arrived at around 5 p...

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