Tool of the Week

Tool Of The Week: Chicago White Sox Edition [VOTE]
By now you have heard the arguments...Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams is a tool for telling his first baseman Adam LaRoche not to bring his kid to the ballpark every day. At the same time, LaRoche is a tool for turning his back on $13 million dollars in salary and retiring because h…
Tool of the Week: Zac Vs Goose [VOTE]
Boston Bruins winger has the honor of being suspended by the NHL and AHL at the same time. An illegal hit against a Tampa Bay Lightning player earned him a five game suspension by the NHL. The Bruins sent him to their AHL Providence team and another illegal hit netted him five games from the AHL...
TOOL OF THE WEEK: The Lakers or Holly Holm?
Here are our nominees for Tool of the Week.
LA Lakers: The team honored teammate Kobe Bryant Sunday by wearing league approved socks with the likeness of Kobe on them. I guess that’s one way to honor a legend of the game.
Holly Holm: The UFC fighter decided to take a fight over the weekend with a rela…

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