Tool of the Week

Jones vs. Shaw: Who’s The Biggest Tool?
It's an all football ballot for the Tool of the Week. Jerry Jones made the ballot for talking with Adrien Peterson over the phone about signing him in the future, and not reporting the conversation to the league or Vikings.
USC cornerback Josh Shaw is nominated for making up the story about savi…
Manziel or Pettine: Who’s The Biggest Tool?
This week's nominees for Tool of The Week are both from the Cleveland Browns. Quarterback Johnny Manziel is on the ballot for flipping the bird to the Washington Redskins in their preseason game.
Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine is also on the ballot...
Ryan Mallett Or Dean Blandino For Tool Of The Week
This week's nominees for Tool of the Week include Patriots back-up quarterback Ryan Mallett. Listeners nominated him for what they consider an unacceptable performance in the teams first preseason game.
Dean Blandino is also on the ballot after the head of NFL officials was caught on the party b…
Tool of the Week: Clay Buchholz or Dustin Johnson? [VOTE]
This week's nominees include Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz for not being able to put it together on the mound, and his apparent disinterest in turning it around.
Listeners have also nominated golfer Dustin Johnson and the PGA for not being forthright about his failed drug test and suspension....…
Tool of the Week: Colby Lewis or Fernando Rodney? [VOTE]
This weeks nominees are Texas Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis who pitched a fit when the Blue Jays laid down a bunt with two outs in the 5th inning. Lewis thought they were trying to show him and the team up.
Mariners closer Fernando Rodney is also on the ballot for shooting his imaginary arrow that norm…

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