A chilling picture was posted on the Bangor Police Department's page, warning of the dangers of picking up collectibles. Parents, especially, need to pass this along to their kids.

It's such a different world from when I was growing up. We never worried about whether or not to pick up bottles that had been left behind by some inconsiderate person. I still remember the first time I saw the commercial that featured a Native American man shedding a tear over a polluted piece of land. We were taught to clean up after ourselves and to pick up left-behind trash and throw it away.

But this is a much less innocent society that we live in these days. And the Bangor Police Department has issued a warning that demonstrates that fact in a scary way. The picture shows plastic bottles and a box of decongestants. At first glance, you might think it was left by someone who had a cold and used the drink bottles to take the medications. But the local teacher who found the items immediately recognized them as leftovers from the small-batch manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Bangor Police Sergeant Tim Cotton warns residents not to touch returnables if they see any other items, like decongestants, batteries, or straws nearby. In addition, if there's any sludge in the bottle, don't touch it. The residue left by the process is dangerous and poisonous. Kids especially need to be warned away from these situations.

In addition, Cotton says, if you see someone using a bottle in conjunction with a small hose or straw, walk away quickly. The chemicals used in the making of meth are very volatile and explosions happen all the time. Call police as soon as you can, once you get away from the situation, and let them check it out.

Thanks, once again, to the Bangor Police Department for this valuable information. We appreciate you!

We share this as a word of caution. The days of picking up returnables has changed and it could become dangerous. A...

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Wednesday, November 18, 2015