Okay. I really hope I’m not the only golfer out there who feels a special affinity for one of their golf clubs. Actually, I have two clubs that I particularly trust and enjoy using. Golf equipment tends to be very personal, and people are drawn to different clubs for a variety of reasons.

For me, it all started two years ago when I was looking for a new putter. I spent a few weeks going online and researching different putters, and I also found golf-related forums that discussed equipment.

I didn’t realize how many styles there were to choose from – there are blades, mallets, and center-shafted, for example. There are also different ways they are weighted, depending on your stroke. For most folks, the toe-weighted putters work best, but for some the face-balanced putters are the right choice.

Then there’s the grip and the shaft length; but it all ends up with what feels and looks best to the individual. At first I gravitated towards a Ping putter, and nearly purchased it. Then I saw the one for me at a local golf shop; the Taylormade Rossa Fontana mallet putter, and it was beautiful. It had a Tuscan nickel finish and a red insert in the face. It also had a cool grip featuring the Rossa hawk logo, and a yellow, red and black head cover with a magnetic clasp. And best of all it was used, and on sale.

When I tried it out the feeling and accuracy matched the looks, and I decided to turn my back on the Ping and say “yes” to the Rossa Fontana; I haven’t looked back.

The other club that many golfers have fun choosing and one that has a certain status in any bag is the driver. After using the same driver for over 10 years I decided to use the winter months to test out a couple newer drivers. Once again, I spent some time online, researching the technology and getting a feel for all the new options. I ended up choosing a Ping G20 based on testing one out at a local store and the excellent reviews I read online.

I found a great deal on a used one on eBay, won the bid, and had a new driver (for me) heading my way. On a lark, I decided to also bid a paltry sum on another used driver, the Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS, which came with a Fubuki Alpha shaft standard. I got both gently-used drivers for less than the price of a new one, so I figured it would be fun to test them against the other.

Over the next few weeks I went to area indoor simulators and tracked the performance of each driver. I started to see a trend, and also to develop a sense of confidence in one over the other. To my fairly substantial surprise, the driver I started to bond with was the cheaper Adams!

So far this summer my initial feelings about the Adams has been confirmed on the course. It is forgiving and long and I love that club! The 10.5 degree low-spin head gets the ball up in the air generates a penetrating ball flight, while the Fubuki stiff shaft creates tremendous power and accuracy. Recently I hit one flush on hole #1 at Hidden Meadows and it rolled out to 280 yards. Now, the Adams doesn’t really look like much, but this is one club where performance trumps looks any time.

So, there are my true confessions; I love my golf clubs and I don’t care who knows! What about you?