A man from Garland was killed in Afghanistan over the weekend in what officials are calling a suicide bomb attack. 40-year-old Corey Dodge was due to return home in October.

A press release from NATO says the attack killed three Resolute Support contracted civilians, as well as several innocent Afghan civilians. In addition, dozens more were wounded, including women and children.Authorities say the attack killed at least 12 people and wounded at least 66 others.

Dodge had been working in Afghanistan for nine years, most recently as an escort for high-ranking government officials with the civilian company, DynCorp. Before that, he had been training police officers in Afghanistan. The company extended its 'thoughts and prayers to all involved and to their families and loved ones.'

Dodge's mother, Letha, told the BDN that her son was set to return home in October, when he would turn 41. She said Corey had told her it was getting rough over there and he was ready to come home. He had been sending applications to police stations in Maine.

Corey Dodge is survived by his wife Kelli, and four children.