For the first time since the weekly college football rankings began this season there is no change in the top 5. However many teams have shuffled positions from 6-10.

The committee admits discussion took place about possibly moving Alabama into the top spot over Clemson but in the end decided not to make a change. The Tigers stay number one despite getting tested a week ago at Syracuse. Alabama stays number two while Ohio State, Notre Dame and Iowa round out the top5.

Baylor dropped to the #10 spot after taking their first loss of the season. Stanford, LSU and Utah all dropped out of the top 10 after suffering their second loss of the season last week.

The top 4 teams at the end of the season will be those who get to play for the national championship.

Below is the latest top 10.

1. Clemson 10-0
2. Alabama 9-1
3. Ohio State 10-0
4. Notre Dame 9-1
5. Iowa 10-0
6. Oklahoma St. 10-0
7. Oklahoma 9-1
8. Florida 9-1
9. Michigan St. 9-1
10.Baylor 8-1

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