Autopsies on a husband and wife from Pennsylvania who died while on a canoe trip off the coast of Jonesport showed they succumbed to hypothermia and drowning. The couple's bodies were found over the weekend, floating in Chandler Bay.

Autopsies were performed Monday on 58-year-old Roy Carlile and 53-year-old Judith Carlile. Both the Warrington, Pennsylvania husband and wife were still wearing their life jackets when their bodies were found on Saturday and Sunday.

Officials say they owned a summer home in Jonesport and had gone out in a canoe Friday evening, presumably to watch the sunset or rising blue moon. Coast Guard Lieutenant David Borbeau says the water temperature remained at around 50 degrees on Monday.

He says the two didn't file a float plan, so no one knew they were missing until Roy Carlile's body was found Saturday morning by a lobsterman. His wife's body was found Sunday morning.