The polls are now for the NH Bragg Tool of the Week.This weeks nominees include:

Rangers pitcher Matt Garza for tweeting at the Oakland A's Matt Sorgard. Garza was upset that he bunted late in the A's win over the weekend. In response to a tweet from Sorgard's wife, Garza tweeted " @KayceeSogard tell your husband to speak up so his wife doesn't have to do it for him ... Chumps! ... Hahaha!"

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin for calling TV analyst Kyle Petty a moron. Hamlin was upset that Petty suggested he focus on next year since he had no chance of winning the championship this season. Hamlin also intimated that Petty only made it to NASCAR because his father is Richard Petty.

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel for allegedly taking a five figure payout for signing hundreds of autographs and memorabilia. The NCAA is investigating.