The Penobscot Valley Conference indoor track meets for January 4th have been wiped off the the schedule because the rennovations to the UMaine fieldhouse continue and the facility will not be ready.

PVC-EMITL officials are hopeful they can get into the fieldhouse for the January 10/11th meets.

Here is the new schedule for PVC-EMITL race director Mary Cady...





Relays Meets:   Saturday, December 21 – Bowdoin Relays – Info is on website

                        Saturday, December 28 – USM Relays – Info is on website

(some schools will be attending one or both of the above meets since league meets won’t start until January)


Meet 1A      Sat. Jan. 4   10:40 am      BRW, BUC, CEN, HER, MDI, OT, SUM    CANCELED

         1B       Sat. Jan. 4   2:40 pm       BAN, ELL, FOX, HAM, JB, MAT, ORO    CANCELED



 Meet 2        C       Fri. Jan.  10   4:40 pm     BAN, BRW, HAM, HER

A       Sat. Jan. 11   10:40 am      BUC, FOX, JB, MAT, SUM

                    B        Sat. Jan.  11   2:10 pm       CEN, ELL, MDI, OT, ORO



 Meet 3       A       Sat. Jan  18 5:40 pm      BAN, ELL, HER, JB, MDI, OT, SUM     

                   B        Sat. Jan  18   5:40 pm     BRW, BUC, CEN, FOX, HAM, MAT, ORO         

                                    (Men’s BB in Gym at 2:00 pm)


Meet 4        A       Sat. Jan  25 9:40 am      BUC, CEN, ELL, FOX, HER, MAT, OT, SUM  

                   B        Sat. Jan  25  1:55 pm        BAN, BRW, HAM, JB, MDI, ORO

                              (Men’s Hockey at 7:00 pm)                   


 Meet 5      A         Sat. Feb. 1   4:40 pm      BAN, BUC, CEN., FOX, HER, JB, MDI

                     B         Sat. Feb. 1   4:40 pm        BRW, ELL, HAM, MAT, OT, ORO, SUM

                            (UMaine track meet at 11:00 am)



PVC- EMITL Championship       Sat. February 8     2:40 pm     ALL TEAMS        

State Meets   Class A     Mon. Feb.  17         meet starts at 10:00 am      USM

                      Class B      Mon. Feb.  17         meet starts at 10:00 am      Bates



New England Interscholastic Indoor Track and Field Championships at Reggie Lewis Center in Boston          Saturday, March   1 – meet starts at 10:00 am