Hundreds of paddlers will gather in downtown Kenduskeag today for the 50th running of the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race. Even race co-founder Sonny Colburn  plans to paddle - for at least part of the race.

Colburn turned 84-years-old the other day. He, along with the late Lew Gilman co-founded the race in 1967. There were 32 boats, 51 competitors and lots of folks who lined the river route to see the event.

When the numbers are totaled after the 50th race they will be somewhere around 35,000 competitors and 19.500 boats.

Dan Baumert, president of MaCKRO(Maine Canoe&Kayak Racing Org), says if you totaled the number of miles paddled in this event it is like one person paddling around the earth 13 times!

The Mystic Tie Grange breakfast opens at 6am. The race itself begins at 8:30.

NOTE: Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket and will broadcast live from Kenduskeag beginning at 8am.

Sports Radio 92.9 The TIcket Photo / 2015 Race