She may not be able to attend the actual games, but this John Bapst football fan watches the boys in purple in white practice across the street every chance she gets.

Margaret Slager lives at East Side Rehab and Living Center across the street from the field the John Bapst team uses for practice. Every afternoon means football practice so every afternoon you can find Margaret in the lobby of the building watching her Crusaders.

The Football team took a moment out of their practice time today to stop by East Side Rehab and Living Center to visit a John Bapst alum, Margaret Slager. Ms. Slager is a resident of the rehab center and each afternoon she goes to the lobby of the facility to watch "her boys" practice. Thanks you for the support! Go Crusaders!

Posted by John Bapst Athletics on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Unfortunately John Bapst doesn't play regular season games at the same field where they practice, therefore Margaret is unable to watch the actually games, but that doesn't matter to her! The team took some time out of their practice the other day to give a bit back to their supporter giving her some purple and white apparel and a blanket.

This warms my heart to see the team giving back to their supporters. John Bapst football coach, Dan O' Connell continues to be one of the best coaches in the state. Not only did he lead the team to take the state title in 2008, but he also was voted as one of the top coaches in the country in a USA Today poll.

Well done John Bapst football!