Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke today in San Francisco at the owners meetings to address the penalties handed to the team as a result of deflategate. Saying that he has chosen to do what is best for the team and the league, he wants to end the rhetoric and will "reluctantly accept" the punishment handed down by commissioner Roger Goodell. After his comments Kraft left the podium without taking questions.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Patriots owner Bob Kraft is taking part in "back channel" discussions with the league regarding their part of the discipline which included the loss of two draft picks and a $1 million dollar fine. The result of these talks could help determine what direction the team will go in next. They have until Thursday to file a formal appeal to the league. Schefter tweeted this morning that Kraft and Goodell have already met in San Francisco with hugs rather than punches getting exchanged.

Meanwhile Schefter is also reporting that the suspensions to Jim McNally and John Jastremski were made at the request of the NFL and carried out by the Patriots.