The owner of Great Skates has announced that this will be the last year for the rink. He says this is the time for one last great skate.

Photo, via Getty Images

After almost 20 years Great Skates will be closing after June 2016. After providing years of skating and laser tag the owner says it is time to close the doors. The roller skating business has been in a decline for a few years now and the years of memories made there have started to take a toll on the older building's condition.

Everything from the exterior of the building and surrounding property to the interior sound system, lighting and laser tag needs to be fixed or updated.

Owner Tom Ellis says he doesn't know what he plans to do with the property, and he is sad to have to close the doors for good.

I was personally upset to hear about this because I have many great memories from Great Skates. I even had a birthday party there! I remember going there with summer camps and it was one of the places my parents deemed safe enough for me to go alone with my friends. Places like this are hard to fine

So get your last great skate in before June!