408 canoes and kayaks with 755 paddlers in them raced down the Kenduskeag Stream Saturday morning. Nobody paddled faster than Nova Scotia's Trevor MacLean - his winning time 2:12:20. It's his 9th win, including the last 5 in a row.

Racers battled a rainy morning, some wind and falling temperatures. But, the water level was much higher than last year. MacLean's winning time a year ago was over three hours.

This time MacLean's 2:12:20 was solid and beat second place Jeff Owen/Steve Woodward(2-man canoe) 2:23:11).

Over the 47 years of this race, 18,000 boats and over 33,000 paddlers have helped make this one of the largest canoe races on the east coast.

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Dale Duff Interviews Race Winner Trevor MacLean of Nova Scotia.
MacLean wins
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